LEFT-IN is a global interest group formed in 2021 with the aim to improve the information and education available to the educators of left-handed children around the world.  

We plan to achieve this through:

  • Surveys of schools and other education institutions to understand the current opportunities and obstacles in educating left-handed children
  • Creating a voice for the development of education policies around the world that will assist left-handed children and their learning
  • Developing and promoting resources to assist tertiary educators and their students’ develop classroom skills for teaching left-handed children
  • Ensuring the appropriate left-handed methods and tools are available to every left-handed child around the world
  • Exploring research into handedness in the education setting
  • Promoting news items from and about the left-handed world

Around 12% of the world’s children are left-handed. We must ensure they are not disadvantaged in their education and life skills development because their teacher didn’t understand.

Parts of the world still actively discriminate against left-handers for cultural, religious and historical reasons.  Children are still being forced to use only their right hand despite it being unnatural and unhealthy for them.  The world must change to ensure all discrimination against left-handers ceases: