A concerned mother, after seeing her son struggle to learn to write at his Early Learning Centre (also called Preschool), wrote to her state government in Victoria, Australia.  There, she asked why her son and other left-handed children were not being taught how to write as a left-hander.

In November 2023, the Victorian Department of Education updated its Literacy Teacher Toolkit to include specific instruction on left-handedness in the classroom.  This Toolkit is fully referenced and supports best practice on writing technique, letter formation and learning for left-handers.  


This is a world-first, being a government sponsored and endorsed toolkit, fully referenced and freely accessible to the public that provides specific instruction in teaching left-handed children 0-8 years old.


We congratulate the Victoria Department of Education on this monumental achievement and we thank Kate for making the approach to start it all.


CLICK HERE to view the Victorian Literacy Teacher Toolkit.