Ian Lowden (UK)

Ian is the Managing Director of the world’s only Trade only left handed wholesaler – Ernest Thomas (Hendon) Ltd.

Ian’s father, who was left handed but had it smacked out of him at school (the norm unfortunately back in those horrendous days), introduced a range of left handed products back in 1964 & for the last 25+ years the business has focussed purely on lefthanded products. We supply resellers all over the world & are the home of the Everest brand name that has been THE brand for left handed products for over half a century. Ours is family owned & run business – with 2 generations of the family currently involved.

See the website for more details: www.ethomasltd.com


In early 2023, Ian became the owner of Anything Left-Handed, the retail business that has been making life easier & safer for left-handers since 1967.  He sees this as an ideal extension to his business and brings him closer to his customers.

See the website for more details: www.anythinglefthanded.co.uk